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Anton Piatigorsky is the author of two works of fiction, Al-Tounsi and The Iron Bridge, along with several plays and librettos. His works have twice won Toronto’s Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Play. Other awards and short list nominations include The Siminovitch Prize for Theatre Protégé Award, The Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award, and The Danuta Gleed Literary Award. Plays include Eternal Hydra, The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik, Breath In Between, and The Offering. Piatigorsky wrote the libretto for Brian Current’s Airline Icarus, winner of a Juno Award for Best Classical Composition. He has received commissions, residencies and productions from the Stratford Festival of Canada, Soulpepper Theatre Company and others. Anton lives in Toronto.


“This remarkable book marries a sophisticated understanding of the law to an even deeper grasp of human nature. The result is revelatory: insight into both current legal issues and the timeless problems of being human.”
Kermit Roosevelt, Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School and author of Allegiance: A Novel

Al-Tounsi is at once a remarkable novel of the law and of human relationships. The Supreme Court is the pinnacle of American jurisprudence but it’s also a very small and very intimate workplace, staffed by nine erratic geniuses; inAl-Tounsi it’s all on display, along with one searingly familiar case about wartime detainees.”
—Ben Winters, author of Underground Airlines

“A wonderful read. Piatigorsky has created a fictional Supreme Court filled with fascinating justices handling a case that easily could be real. Al-Tounsi is a powerful reminder that justices are human and that, as much as the law, determines how important cases are decided.”
—Erwin Chemerinsky, U.S. constitutional law and federal civil procedure scholar,
and current and founding dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law

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