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Farr & Beyond ,

By Kenneth M. Smookler, Q.C.
Paperback, 126 pages
ISBN: 9781895131260
Published in 2016

Welcome to Farr & Beyond, the extraordinary law firm that isn’t limited by time, space, or reality.

Meet their clients from the land of literature: Dracula, Cinderella, the Pied Piper, Brünnhilde, Aesop, Hansel & Gretel, Captain Nemo, and many, many more, and find out what happens when they hire a lawyer!

Enjoy the tongue-in-cheek legal issues that Farr & Beyond finds lurking within our traditional tales and fables. Why does Merlin charge an assistant with arboreal kidnapping, Frankenstein’s monster accuse his creator of negligence, or William Tell’s son sue his father for reckless endangerment?

Discover how Farr & Beyond’s law teams clear Ali Baba on a charge of the murder of 40 thieves; secure damages for defamation and non-payment of extermination fees for the Pied Piper; and deal with the claims and summonses filed against Cinderella by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Let author Kenneth M. Smookler, a retired Toronto lawyer and aficionado of all things mysterious, take you on an out-of-this-world trip to a place where the law meets fantasy with laugh-out-loud results.



In 1932, according to Smookler family lore, Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” featured three-year-old Kenneth because he could read a printed page both forward and backward.

More than eight decades later, after stretches of time given over to practising law, teaching, writing columns, stories and a T.V. script, along with becoming one of the grand old men in the World Science Fiction community, Ken is still doing things backwards with his very late in life interest in both fairy tale and other related characters.

He became a lawyer because so many people in the world needed help. After a while he saw that there were already many lawyers helping the people in this world – but what about other worlds? Didn’t they need legal help too?

Who was rushing to help The Three Bears deal with a trespasser? Who would help the priests of the Temple of Dagon after Samson destroyed their temple? And poor, loving Brünnhilde who wants to trade her horse and armour for an apron and just cook for her wife, who can she turn to for help?

Since there was no one, Kenneth decided to start his own law firm and, now that he has retired from full-time practice, that firm is known as Farr & Beyond, Kenneth M. Smookler, Q.C. of counsel.

When not in the office, Ken lives in Toronto with Fran, his wife of 60 years, enjoys visiting with their 4 children and moderating/teaching classes to students over the age of 50 at Ryerson University’s LIFE Institute.

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