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Martin Myers is the author of four novels, The AssignmentFrigateIzzy Manheim’s Reunion, and The Secret Viking. With comparisons to some of this past centuries’ greatest humourists including Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Monty Python, Myers richly inventive writing is sure to make readers laugh out loud followed by a quizzical moment where they question their own morals, ethics, and reality.  His writing has been glowingly reviewed throughout North America and Britain by publications such as The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Toronto Star, and The Times of London Literary Supplement. 

Martin preaches the idea that writing is something everyone should do. It has many benefits–it’s a useful organizational device, an aid to memory, a record keeper, and a way of looking at your innermost thoughts from outside yourself.  And on top of all that, it’s great fun.


“ I rolled along through those small hours of the morning, laughing, delighted, completely taken in by this philosophical comedy, this metaphysical joke, this perfect imitation of the exitless maze of human consciousness.”  – Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times

“A remarkable first novel, inventive and full of controlled madness.” – TIME

“Authoritative, witty and absorbing… a kind of conspiratorial story in which the direction and nature of this conspiracy is never defined, and which seems to me to be one of the central imaginative paths of our time.” – Northrop Frye

“Funny, witty, gamy, ironic, joyful, puzzling… one of the funniest books in a long, long time… Evokes memories of Kafka and Joyce, and Eliot and Peter Devries, and the Marx Brothers.”
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Imagine the ambiguities of Nabokov’s ADA or PALE FIRE without the hothouse prose, a puzzle neatly contrived but in the improvisatory comedian’s spirit of ‘winging it,’ the author seen at play.”
– Christian Science Monitor

“An entertainment full of humour, mystery and wonder.” – Toronto Star

“A witty, frequently disarming and highly unusual novel… with a cast that is delightful and bizarre.”
– Publishers’ Weekly

“The best first novel by a Canadian to appear in years … a contemporary novel which uses avant garde devices and yet succeeds in emerging as a work of immense popular appeal.”
– Calgary Herald Magazine

“A wildly comic tale… fun to read… recommended.”– Library Journal

“A feast of ironies, a philosophical comedy… and an extraordinarily readable book.”
– Donald Cameron, Maclean’s Magazine

“Excellent reading… unusual for being a sort of allegory of the times without ever getting stuck in self-indulgent pessimism.” – New Statesman, London

“… more sense and substance in this fantasy than any hurried précis can suggest.”
– The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“The book’s quality lies in the fact that it is genuinely obsessional, reinvolving us in a significantly nutty fictional world, I for one, thought had gone forever.” – The Guardian

“Genuinely comic writing.” – Times Literary Supplement, London

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