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Voices Past and Present



Jessie Porter was Head of English as a Second Language at Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto.


“What an inspiring book and how cleverly and sensitively put together. I hope it becomes required reading for any teacher who is working, or hopes to work, in Ontario’s schools.” – Jean Handscombe, Consultant, Research and Evaluation Services (formerly Coordinator of ESL), North York Board of Education

“New Canadian Voices is an anthology of personal writings (essays, journal entries, poems, and stories) by ESL students. It is one of the most innovative and useful high-school ESL texts I have ever read. There are numerous activities suggested by the editor, most of which are excellent in quality. This is a very important and timely text for young-adult ESL classrooms. The students using this book will have had many experiences similar to those of the writers. The therapeutic value of seeing that their problems and anxieties are similar to others’ is obvious. As well, the students begin to “risk more-an essential prerequisite for language learning.” New Canadian Voices would be also be a valuable addition to any public library with a multicultural clientele.” – Literature and Language

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